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Welcome to the Smart Start Montessori School home page. Thank you for considering us for your child care needs. Smart Start Montessori School is a culturally diverse community of learners.  We provide a holistic integrated approach and cultivate a nurturing environment.  Our quality Montessori Curriculum that reaches across disciplines and age levels helps us prepare global citizens to be life-long learners.  We strive for excellence, value respect, cherish diversity, develop individual strengths, foster independence and inspire creativity. Smart Start Montessori School will always foster the Montessori Method and philosophy as Dr. Maria Montessori designed the method to be implemented.  For many years, the Montessori Method has been used as originally intended.  It is a method of seeing the children as they really are. The Montessori environment fosters the fulfillment of the children's highest potential, spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual sides, as members of family, local society and the world community. Dr. Montessori gave the world a scientific method that is practical and tested and brings forth the very best in children.  She taught the adult how to respect individual differences of children, emphasize social interaction, and the education of the whole personality rather than the teaching of a specific body of knowledge. A high level of academic achievement is the norm in the Montessori environment. It is a natural outcome of experience in such a supportive method. The Montessori philosophy is a model which serves the needs of the children at all levels of mental and physical ability.  The learning environment is a natural, mixed age group which is very much like the society they will live in as adults. Smart Start Montessori School is open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM and provides year-round Montessori education for children eighteen months to six years of age.  Schedule a visit of our facilities and learn more about Smart Start Montessori School.

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